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Graffiti Protection For Your Beverly Hills Property

Graffiti is at an all-time high in this day and age and vandals are getting increasingly diverse in the way they apply it. What used to only paint markings now includes things like scratch and acid damage from graffiti. This is making it harder than ever to remove and the influx of vandals is making it nearly impossible for commercial spaces to avoid. At Beverly Hills Window Film we have graffiti solutions that keep pace with evolving graffiti applications. These solutions offer a number of different protections for a wide range of areas affected by vandalism on your Beverly Hills commercial property.

Window Films For Graffiti On Glass

Unwanted and unsightly graffiti on your building’s glass windows and doors are a thing of the past with Anti-Graffiti window film. This cost-effective protective film offers commercial property owners and/or managers an easy and inexpensive way to protect their large display windows from graffiti, tagging, etc. This type of window film is particularly useful for retail businesses in inner city or downtown areas that are prone to vandalism.

Window Film For Graffiti On Mirrors

Once a mirror is marked, it becomes essentially useless. This is because there is no way to restore them to the level of clarity they once had. However, with a protective, yet fully clear mirror covering you can protect your bathroom and changing room mirrors from permanent damage. This sacrificial mirrored film layer is applied on top of your existing mirror, so should damage occur, the film can be removed and replaced for much less than the cost of a new mirror

Anti-Graffiti Film For Graffiti On Metal Surfaces

Metal finishes seem to be some of the most attractive to would be vandals because of they are often in areas that are hard to monitor, like elevators. What is so hard about the metal vandalism is, it is notoriously expensive to replace and can mean a lot of downtime and noise for your location. Our shield products are applied over your metal surfaces before or after they have been defaced, masking damage or protecting your metal surfaces from further damage.

Don’t let graffiti rob you of your hard-earned profits, have graffiti films and shields applied to your commercial property and save yourself time and money!

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