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Protect Your Building by Reducing Earthquake Risk

Earthquake Mitigation Film for Beverly Hills

Earthquakes cause catastrophic damage. Protecting your property from earthquakes and other natural hazards is crucial for the wellbeing of your staff and business and is also required for maintaining building code compliance. Our earthquake mitigation films help Beverly Hills property owners implement safety precautions that reduce risk and hazard associated with natural disasters by reinforcing windows and glass areas.

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Stay Compliant with Seismic Code Requirements

Beverly Hills was once believed to be a “safe zone” for earthquakes. However, new studies have revealed that the Santa Monica fault line runs through the city. On top of this, many scientists believe that California is about 10 years overdue for a major earthquake. Now, more than ever, it’s critical for property owners to realize the importance of staying up to date with seismic codes and take precautions.

Earthquake mitigation film provides Beverly Hills property owners with an economical way to update older windows and historic glass in order to reduce earthquake hazard and maintain building code compliance. It is the ideal solution for situations in which:

  • Construction for the building was completed in the 1980s or earlier years
  • The property is several years old and is no longer compliant with current seismic codes
  • The building houses several windows or large areas of glass that would be expensive to replace
  • The building is historic and preserving the original glass is paramount
  • The height between the windows and the ground floor is higher than 9 feet
  • The windows within the building are made from annealed glass
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Take Action to Minimize Seismic Risk

Thousands of earthquakes occur in the state of California each year. Most of these are so minor that they go unnoticed. But when significant seismic activity occurs, the danger escalates quickly and can even become life-threatening. Unsecured structures are the biggest risk during these times. Buildings shift from side to side, putting occupants and everyone nearby in danger. Components such as windows or skylights may shake loose, fall out of place, and come crashing to the ground. This is why FEMA recommends that, “Critical nonstructural components must be provided with seismic restraint” as part of their Seismic Design Criteria

The buildings that are the highest risk during earthquakes are aged and historic properties. Many older structures in Beverly Hills were built during a time when seismic codes did not exist or weren’t as stringent as they are today. This can make it difficult to obtain a building permit for renovations. Our earthquake mitigation films offer Beverly Hills property owners a way to update aged or historic glass without having to endure the burdensome cost of window replacement. We’ll use a durable safety window film to engineer the right solution for your building. This way, you can get your property up to date with seismic codes and protect it from earthquake activity. 

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Customized Solutions for Every Building

At Beverly Hills Window Film, we know that no two buildings are exactly the same. That’s why we consider the unique aspects and specifications of your building when designing an earthquake mitigation solution. Here are some of the factors we’ll consider as we plan, engineer, and execute the right solution for your property:

  • What types and profiles of glass are in the building
  • The amount of shift that can occur within the existing glazing pocket
  • Where each glass pane or window is located
  • The appropriate type of window film that must be used for compliance
  • Whether a structural silicone needs to be used as an attachment system
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Stay prepared for earthquakes and natural disasters. Call our office today to discuss using window films as part of an engineered solution for seismic mitigation in Beverly Hills or any other city on the West Coast.

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