Is There A Difference Between Window Film And Window Tinting?

So you are having issues with the bright sunlight streaming through the windows of your Beverly Hills home?  Or maybe your energy bills are sky high and you have heard window film or tinting may be the solution? The good news is you are right–but which is best window or tinting? At this point, you have likely heard or seen the terms window film and window tinting used as you have done your research but still may not know which one is right for your Beverly Hills home or if there is even a difference between the two.  You are not alone. We get people all the time who don’t know one from the other and to be honest the words are used interchangeably all the time. It boils down to both are great at somethings will not as good as others. Read below to find out which makes sense for you.

When to Use Window Tint Vs Window Films

By and large residential structures are a place where window film is applied. This is because window film solves the issues homeowner here in Beverly Hills want to address:  energy efficiency, UV protection, and security foremost among them. Tint, on the other hand, is more for appearances and privacy which is why they appeal so strongly to our commercial clients.  Remember, for the most part, window films are clear while window tinting will change the shade or color of the windows.

Home Privacy:  Window Tinting is one of the best ways to get strictly more privacy–in both commercial or residential structures. However decorative films are also a way to accomplish this and since they mimic the appearance of etched or sandblasted glass, they are often something our residential clients like more than the look of tinting.  

Glare Control:  Window tinting will often take care of issues with glare on windows but again the often shiny or mirrored appearance is more of a commercial look.  Window films are also equipped to block or redirect glare with more benefits for homeowners than tinting: energy efficiency and UV protection notwithstanding.

Energy Efficiency:  Conserving energy and putting more money in the pockets by doing so is where window film really stands out for homeowners.  In fact. Window film can actually reduce your heating and cooling bills by up to 60 percent, which means the investment for adding this great product to your home actually pays for itself in as little as 2 to 5 years and continues to save energy thereafter.

Home Safety And Security:  Will window tinting offers a small modicum of protection to Beverly Hills homeowners.  The reality is window films are sturdier and specifically engineered to give greater protection from intruders, natural disasters and home accidents, while at the same time giving greater UV protection too.

As you can see, when it comes down to it, window tinting, while a valuable tool in some specific applications, is often to niche to meet the needs for homeowners.  Window film, a more ubiquitous tool for Beverly Hills homes looking for any number of levels of protection and control is simply better suited to play a number of parts and most importantly save homeowners money too.

For more information on window tints and window films for your Beverly Hills home or commercial properties, contact us at Beverly Hills Window Films.  With a myriad of window films and window tints for every application, we will walk you through choosing the right film at the right price for your budget and needs.  


Angus Faith

Angus Faith is a proud Scotsman, world traveler, and window film expert. When he's not having adventures in some distance location far across the globe, Angus can usually be found assisting property owners in the Beverly Hills area by helping them find the perfect window film for their space. Angus has been working in the window tinting industry for over a decade and is well versed in the latest trends and innovations as well as the various types of security, energy efficient, and privacy film on the market today. From schools, retail stores, and offices to condos, apartments, and single family homes, his breadth of expertise is all encompassing. He has extensive familiarity in working with all the top brands including 3M, Vista, LLumar, and more. Finding creative solutions to complex problems and meeting new people are among the aspects of his job that he loves most.