Bird Strikes On Windows In Beverly Hills, California

Have you ever seen a bird fly into a window? You wouldn’t be the first and the result is startling and sad because, even when birds get up and fly away after a strike, they usually end up dying afterward because of internal injuries–especially their brain. It is estimated that nearly 1 billion birds die each year because of collisions with windows. To find out the reasons birds fly into windows and how we, at Beverly Hills Window Film, are helping home and business owners stop it, read below.

Why Do Birds Fly Into Windows?

Bird strikes on windows fall into two categories– daytime strikes and nighttime strikes. The reasons for the collisions vary greatly depending on what time of day they happen. In the daytime, birds mistake windows for trees or nesting areas after seeing the reflection of foliage in them or indoor plants behind them. At night, nocturnal birds, who are attracted to light, fly into windows because of their instincts to fly toward light. Another reason birds fly into glass windows is that they see their reflection and attack it–mostly in spring when their territorial drive is at its peak. This reason is not as common as the first two.

How To Prevent Bird Strikes On Home or Office Windows

Birds are beautiful and a good friend of mankind because they rid us of pests like mosquitos and vermin. Keeping them safe benefits us directly and indirectly. Since birds can actually break windows in collisions, it is only a matter of time until you need to replace cracked or shattered glass–if bird strikes have happened to you in the past. The best and easiest way to prevent bird strikes on your home’s windows is with bird strike prevention film applied to your windows. Bird strike prevention film approved by the American Bird Conservancy and is “peer-reviewed protocols that we deem sufficient, or which have been shown by experienced monitors to demonstrate a significant reduction in collisions.” Bird strike prevention film specific to birds so it allows birds to see reflective windows that would otherwise be invisible to them but allows you to see perfectly out of the windows of your Beverly Hills home’s windows.

If you are concerned about birds flying into your home’s windows and dying or being hurt, contact us at Beverly Hills Window Film to learn more about our specialty window films, engineered to solve this issue.