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Protect the Most Sensitive Areas Of Your Beverly Hills Office

Casper Cloaking Films for privacy

For offices and businesses here in Beverly Hills, privacy is both important and challenging.  The modern office is an open office and the ubiquity of computer screens mean full privacy of personal, financial and strategic business information is often easily seen on the periphery.  Therefore solutions are needed to secure and shield this information in office settings to ensure success.   While businesses here in Beverly Hills want open settings that encourage coordination and creativity, these type of spaces (glassed-in conference rooms, cubicles and even entire departments) they often mean screens with sensitive information are visible to all eyes in the office and even those visiting or passing by.  This is especially an issue for departments that work with sensitive information like Accounting, Human Resources– or private meetings in glassed-in conference rooms. For these areas and more, there is a solution to privacy in a world of increasingly open office settings. It is called Casper Cloaking film, one of the latest innovations in window film technology.  A film engineered specifically to obscure screens but nothing else behind the glass.   This film has changed the way businesses protect the sensitive information of their employees, clients, and companies from being displayed on screens behind glass and being used for incorrect purposes.

What Is Casper Cloaking Film And How Does It Work?

Casper Cloaking Films is a clear film which is applied to any glass surface and allows your LED and LCD screens to be blacked out to those on the outside looking in.  The result is, to those walking by, screens will appear as black boxes– obscuring private or strategic information on the screen. This prevents prying eyes from viewing and subsequently disseminating information meant to be private.  Casper Cloaking Film is also great for Beverly Hills offices with conference rooms that are glassed-in. In these situations, the norm is make-shift privacy solutions like unsightly paper, haphazardly taped up on the glass walls to keep out unwanted eyes.  HR or Accounting departments will also benefit from these cloaking films because they allow for privacy behind the glass in their workspace to process things like paychecks, hiring information and employee records.  This film removes the burden off these workers in regards to anyone seeing this information accidentally. Furthermore, Casper Cloaking Film comes in numerous designs and stylish patterns to compliment any office decor. Meaning, there is no sacrifice of either form or function with the application of these cutting edge films. This makes Casper Cloaking Films perfect for any office where privacy is needed.

casper privacy film for offices

Beverly Hills Window Film For Casper Cloaking Film

At Beverly Hills Window Film, we are proud to be one of the Beverly Hills most trusted and prolific installers of Casper Cloaking Film technology.  We are always happy to provide information and pricing on Casper Cloaking Films or any of the other major window films on the market today. Contact us to schedule a free, onsite estimate contact Beverly Hills Window Film.

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