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EnerLogic: Window Film with Low-E Technology

When it comes to energy efficiency, there is no solution more effective or reliable than EnerLogic window films. EnerLogic window films harness the power of low-e technology to provide Beverly Hills homes and businesses with maximum comfort and energy savings. These powerful, high performance window films offer a year round solution to controlling heat and glare, maximizing comfort, and improving HVAC efficiency.

What makes EnerLogic different?
EnerLogic window films are different than many other window tinting products because they provide year round energy efficiency. Other window films block out heat year round which can be problematic during the colder months of the year when heat is wanted and desirable for comfort. EnerLogic films are manufactured with a “smart” technology called low-e coating that allows them to regulate the passage of heat. Enerlogic films block out unwanted infrared heat during the summer and trap beneficial radiant heat during the winter, providing year round comfort and energy savings.

EnerLogic Window Film Benefits
Both residential and commercial property owners can enjoy the benefits of EnerLogic window tinting. EnerLogic window films offer a more affordable alternative to window replacement and have a much quicker ROI. These technologically advance window films offer superior comfort and maximum energy efficiency while maintaining the beautiful appearance and clarity of your building.

  • Reduces summer heat gain by up to 79%
  • Provides 5-15% savings in winter heating costs
  • Blocks out infrared heat and uv rays
  • Increases HVAC efficiency and lifetime expectancy

Beverly Hills’s Source for EnerLogic Window Tint
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