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Solar Gard Window Film for Beverly Hills Residential and Commercial Properties

Solar Gard provides innovative energy efficiency solutions that are perfect for any residential or commercial property in Beverly Hills. With excellent solar heat gain rejection alongside UV protection and glare reduction, Solar Gard offers money-saving solutions that enhance existing properties. Improve functionality and comfort with these cost-effective products.

Silver Series

The Silver Series blocks out 99.9% of UV rats while providing significant fade resistance and heat rejection properties. With a reflective appearance that offers privacy, the Silver Series maintains a great level of clarity. With thin layers of precious metals incorporated into this line of window film, Beverly Hills properties can enjoy superior energy efficiency.

Silver AG Series

The Silver AG Series incorporates all the amazing benefits of the Silver Series but with the added benefit of Low-E insulation. Perfect for properties that experience both hot and cold weather, the Silver AG Series delivers 77% solar heat rejection while keeping your property warm during the winter months.

ULR Low Reflectivity

The low reflectivity and optical clarity of the ULR Low Reflectivity Series are perfect for commercial properties with storefront windows, window displays, and residential properties. With 73% visible light transmission and 50% solar heat rejection, this energy efficiency solution is great for maintaining a neutral appearance.

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