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Glare Reduction Film in Beverly Hills

V-Kool For Your Beverly Hills Home’s Windows

Beverly Hills is a gorgeous place to live and likely, the reason you live here is in part for the lovely views from your home’s windows. However, keeping your blinds or curtains open to the Beverly Hills sun drives up A/C bills and even causes UV damage to your furnishings. V-Kool window films give you the best of both worlds, allowing you to enjoy natural sunlight in your home, while at the same time blocking harmful UV rays. This is because V-Kool window tint blocks the detrimental rays of the sun with little to no loss of clarity through your windows. V-Kool lets you take back the best rooms and views in your Beverly Hills home while staying protected.

V-Kool For Your Beverly Hills Commercial Building’s Windows

V-Kool is very effective at hindering the harmful rays of the sun but doesn’t make your Beverly Hills commercial space dark while doing so. In fact, it lets in more than 70% of sunlight in through your office’s windows and is nearly invisible. The protection V-Kool offers blocks up to 65% of solar heat gain on windows and eliminates over 96% of the sun’s infrared rays. All this without the sacrifice of clarity or abundant natural light. What this means for you as a commercial investor is more money in your pocket from your commercial investment while and a reduction in your building’s contribution to pollution worldwide.

With V-Kool window tints you don’t have to sacrifice clarity or beauty to get the efficacy you need on your home or commercial building–which makes V-Kool a strong contender for your window film investment dollars.

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