Here in Beverly Hills, glare through windows is problematic. It is especially challenging for hospitality locations that cater to guest comfort–like hotels. Glare and heat make spaces unbearable through some windows here and for establishments that make a living off guest satisfaction, this is an issue. In the case study below we examine how Beverly Hills Window Film was able to solve excessive glare issues for a Colorado Marriott while providing other benefits too.

The Issue: Solar Heat Gain and UV Radiation on Hotel Windows

A hotel in Colorado was looking for a solution to intense glare, UV radiation and solar heat gain on their convention center windows. The location of the windows was a key part of their event center because of its spectacular views. But the area remained empty from about 2 pm to sunset because of the heat and glare. They wanted the area to do what it was created to do (entertain guests) but management was unsure of how to fix the issues. The windows also had lovely mountain views that the hotel wanted to preserve. This made the problem that much harder to solve.

The Solution: Llumar Window Film For Hotel Windows

After consulting with hotel management to find out exactly what their goals were for the window’s appearance and function, we decided to install samples of some of our top solar control films. We chose spectrally selective films made for heat and UV radiation but their appearances varied. For this particular hotel, their location, the size of the windows, their orientation and desired aesthetic–the right choice ended up being Llumar DRN-35

The Result: UV Protection and More

The Llumar DRN-35 allowed in enough natural light to keep the expansive area well-lit. Also, the film had enough clarity on the windows for guests to continue to enjoy the views. It provided UV protection for their very beautiful and expensive interiors too. Lastly, this film made temperatures more even. This area that was empty before is now one of the most popular places for patrons to sit and enjoy the gorgeous Colorado ambiance.

At Beverly Hills Window Film we know that glare control for hotels here in Beverly Hills is key to hospitality success. This is why we offer free, on-site consultations. We carry an extensive selection of glare and UV control films that will keep the views through your windows intact. Contact us to schedule a time for an estimate today to get rid of the glare in your Beverly Hills hotel!