Cities across the nation experienced many obstacles during this past year. For commercial property owners, there were numerous added stresses. While some areas of the nation had lower crime rates, others experienced a significant surge. The impact was detrimental for many businesses, who are now looking for effective security options. When it comes to protecting the most vulnerable areas of your building– the glass doors and windows, options can be limited. Security bars are unsightly and draw the wrong kind of attention. Security window film offers the invisible protection that your commercial property needs.

The Benefits of Security Window Film for Your Beverly Hills Commercial Property

  • Safety and security window film: This standard security option provides 24/7 invisible protection and lasts for the lifetime of your glass doors and windows. Defend against break-ins, smash-and-grabs, burglaries, vandalism, severe weather, freak accidents, and much more. By bonding glass fragments together inside the window frame after an occurrence, security film mitigates broken glass hazards. Broken glass is the number one cause of serious injury and blast-related death. This provides minimized operational downtime, safer cleanup, and precious time in the event of a break-in.
  • Energy-efficient security film: Energy conservation along with other benefit upgrades is available. Business owners can take advantage of the incredible money-saving benefits while enjoying UV protection, better security, glare reduction, decorative branding, privacy, and much more.
  • Specialty security films: For higher security needs, there are specialty films available. Bomb blast protection provides better impact resistance against explosions and natural disasters. Ballistic resistant film offers the same benefits as bomb blast but with the added benefit of gunfire resistance.

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