You’ve invested a lot into your business. The last thing you want is for something to happen to it. Freak accidents, weather, and break and enters are all major threats to any business, which is why having a strong security system in place is important. The most vulnerable area of any building are the doors and windows. To keep your business safe, it’s important to install impact protection window film in order to prevent intruders from getting inside your building and keep it safe from natural disasters and other threats.

What Is Impact Protection Window Film?

Impact protection window film is a special type of laminate that’s designed to strengthen glass and protect building interiors from impact. The film is made up of sheets of thick polyester that are held in place by aggressive adhesives. The film has a sticky backside which is adhered to the glass. A physical bond is created between the film and the glass as the adhesives infiltrate the porous glass surface. During installation, people also choose to add an attachment system for added reinforcement.

Once in place, impact protection window film systems help to make glass more stronger and more durable so that it’s able to endure impact at high levels. If a rock, objects, or strong wind comes flying toward the glass, the film will help disperse the energy from the impact, preventing it from shattering. As a fail safe, if the glass does break, the pieces will cling to the film instead of exploding inward and injuring people or damaging objects.

Impact protection systems vary in their strength. Some window films are best used for break in prevention applications, whereas others can resist bomb blast explosions. Your window film contractor will help you determine the best option for your situation.

Applications for Impact Protection Window Film

From high rise office buildings in Century City to restaurants, shops, and hotels along Rodeo Drive, businesses of all types in Beverly Hills can benefit from impact protection film including:
Hotels and restaurants
Coffee shops
Retail locations
Office buildings
Museums, theaters, and more

Install Impact Protection Film

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