Today, privacy glass is becoming increasingly popular for Beverly Hills luxury homes, high-end apartments, and even commercial buildings like doctors offices and hotels. In the design world, many of us are excited about this change. After all, blinds and curtains really are hideous things….what were we thinking? Not to mention, there’s too much work involved with all of that dusting and cleaning.

If you ask us, it’s a needed change, and one for the better. Good-bye and good riddance to boring shades and window drapes. If you’re looking for alternative to traditional window treatments, one option you may want to consider is reflective window film.

Reflective window film is great because it creates privacy without the expense of custom glass. You can instantly turn any ordinary window or glass partition into privacy glass and not feel buyer’s remorse afterward because of how much money you spent. However, reflective window film is NOT to be confused with reflective glass. The two are distinctly different. Below, we’ve explained this matter further.

Reflective Glass or Reflective Window Film – Which Is Best for your Beverly Hills Property?

There are two different ways you can achieve the designer glass look. You can either splurge and opt for custom glass. Or you can apply window film on top of the glass wall or window. These two options work in pretty much the same way, but there are some distinct differences.

Similarities & Differences

Trying to decide on a privacy glass option for your Beverly Hills home or office? Here’s some information that may help. Below, we’ve listed some commonalities and differences that privacy window film and reflective glass share:

Lighting – Both options require differential lighting. This means that one side of the glass has to have brighter light than the other. This is crucial for either option to work.

Aesthetics – Both privacy window film and reflective glass are beautiful choices. The reflective appearance creates a sophisticated look. However, reflective window film is more susceptible to damage, but can also be more affordably replaced.

Cost- The major difference between reflective glass and reflective window film is the cost. Reflective glass requires more expensive materials to produce and more labor to install. This is why window film is usually the more affordable choice.

See Examples of Reflective Window Film

If you are interested in purchasing reflective window film for your Beverly Hills home or building, we would love to help. Call today to set up a personal on site consultation and begin browsing window tinting options.

Angus Faith

Angus Faith is a proud Scotsman, world traveler, and window film expert. When he's not having adventures in some distance location far across the globe, Angus can usually be found assisting property owners in the Beverly Hills area by helping them find the perfect window film for their space. Angus has been working in the window tinting industry for over a decade and is well versed in the latest trends and innovations as well as the various types of security, energy efficient, and privacy film on the market today. From schools, retail stores, and offices to condos, apartments, and single family homes, his breadth of expertise is all encompassing. He has extensive familiarity in working with all the top brands including 3M, Vista, LLumar, and more. Finding creative solutions to complex problems and meeting new people are among the aspects of his job that he loves most.