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UV Blocking Window Tint Protects Our Community’s Religious Icons, Buildings, And Antique Furnishings

The many beautiful churches in the Beverly Hills and they are well loved by many members of the community who appreciate either their historical value and/or spiritual value. These churches house religious relics, iconography, and antiques can potentially be damaged over time by the UV rays of the sun: rich fabrics, fine wood finishes, and books are all vulnerable. That’s right, when sunlight penetrates into the recesses of a church and lands on furniture, fabric or religious memorabilia, it corrodes them. UV blocking window film keeps the damaging rays of the sun out but still lets in natural light to give the church that same ethereal feel. Best of all it ensures treasured relics stay intact for the next generation of parishioners.

Security Film On Churches, Mosques, And Synagogues To Protect From Bomb Or Ballistics Attacks

Attacks on churches, mosques, and synagogues are a very real thing in this day and age. With this continuing threat to places of worship of any faith, security film should be a strong consideration for religious institutions. Often times the worst damage done by an attack is the collateral damage of exploding glass, especially in the case of a ballistics or bomb attack. Security film will not only help mitigate this but also impede an intruder, giving your congregation time to escape.

Other popular window films for Beverly Hills churches, synagogues, and mosques include energy efficient window tinting, glare-reducing window tint, and anti-graffiti films.

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