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Security Window Film For Safer Public Spaces

Since government buildings are funded by taxpayers they are open to the public and sadly, targeted by terrorists, gunman and bomb threats. Safety and security window films are something that is useful, if not necessary, for any government buildings in the Beverly Hills area. While no film can stop the threat from bullets and bombs, security films and C-bond adhesive we use at Beverly Hills Window Film are the best and safest money can buy. C-bond adhesives work to make glass stronger and more flexible on a molecular level. So, should an attack occur, the safety windows will shatter but not give way and the security film will hold the glass in place, keeping those in public buildings safe from flying glass shards.

Affordable Exterior Window Refinishing For Our Public Buildings

In a time when tax dollars are tight, a lot of government buildings are a bit outdated when it comes to the finish of their windows. In fact, some still have windows and tints dating back to the 70 or 80s. There just isn’t room in our taxpayer budgets to replace these windows on our government and public buildings. This is where exterior window refinishing is the perfect solution. Since the windows are not replaced, only the finish on them is, the process is significantly less expensive and can be finished fast, with no downtime for government buildings. The best part is, the new finish on the window gives these building the benefits of window film as well like, UV protection and glare reduction.

Other popular window films for Beverly Hills government buildings include energy efficient window tinting and graffiti-shield films for outside and inside the structure.

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