Beverly Hills has always been a targeted spot for robberies. Even though Beverly Hills police often catch the robbers and reclaim stolen product, robberies are often traumatic and weaken walk-through business for a considerable amount of time. It has become increasingly prevalent as the conversation of security has changed over the last few years, for Beverly Hills business owners to be more proactive about their business’ safety and security. Security window film is the perfect solution for robbery prevention in Beverly Hills businesses.

Advantages of Safety and Security Window Film in Your Beverly Hills Business

Safety and security window film is a revolutionary treatment for your business’ existing windows. This innovative window film can be applied to all existing glass windows and doors, as all Beverly Hills business owners know are the more vulnerable parts of their buildings, strengthening and bonding their glass together. Safety and security window films makes it increasingly difficult for burglars attempting to break in these access points. The glass is bonded together in a polyester web, giving you and your patrons precious time to escape or hide until police arrive on the scene.

By keeping broken glass fragments bonded together, safety and security window film mitigates all the significant hazards broken glass can cause to you, your guests, your interior furnishings, and possessions. The aftermath cleanup is also much easier and less hazardous when you don’t have to worry about broken glass covering the interior of your Beverly Hills business.

Safety and Security Window Film Installation in Your Beverly Hills Business

Our experienced, local team of window film experts can install safety and security window film within hours, meaning relatively no downtime for your Beverly Hills business. We use C-Bond, a specialized primer that bonds your glass at a molecular level, further strengthening your vulnerable access points.

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