Energy Efficiency In Historic Beverly Hills Homes Through Window Film

As anyone who lives in a historical home in Beverly Hills or anywhere else in the country knows–the struggle for energy efficiency is real. Although these homes are gorgeous and charming, they lack the fundamental structures to hold in the heated or cooled air.  This because, when historical homes were constructed, energy efficiency and sustainability were not on anyone’s minds. There are quite a few areas in historic homes that make for poor energy efficiency, but, the majority of the issues stem from old, drafty windows.  While it makes sense that replacing aging windows is the easiest solution to this is not the case. In reality, window replacement, especially for vintage Beverly Hills homes is incredibly expensive and comes with a host of other downsides–like lengthy installs and a lot of noise.  A  better option for energy efficient windows in older homes is actually window film.

Why Window Film Is Better Than Window Replacement For Historic Homes

The best reason by far to install window film on the windows of an older or historic home rather than replace the windows themselves is the significantly lower cost.  Replacement windows for historic homes can run in the tens, upon tens of thousands.   In older homes especially custom windows and frames need to be created for all of those beautiful but irregularly shaped windows.  In fact, replacing all the windows in historic homes is so costly that, according to the National Trust For Historic Preservation:

“Replacement windows for historic homes could take 100 years or longer to pay for themselves in energy savings.”

It won’t surprise you to know that full window replacement also involves a lot of manpower and could mean weeks of disruptive installation as well.  Window film, on the other hand, is much less expensive and can quietly be done in just one day.   Even irregularly shaped windows are a breeze with window film because, at Beverly Hills Window Film, we carry a wider range of film products and application methods suited to fit any window. Best of all, you get all the great energy efficiency benefits for your old windows while maintaining the historic charm.  Compared to full window replacement, window film is a faster much less expensive option for energy conservation in historic homes than full window replacement.

For more information on historic home window film check out this link or the video below:  


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Angus Faith

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